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Kampot green fresh salted pepper is a unique product for restaurants, cheese and meat production, farms, as well as for all those who are looking for a new taste for their products.


Fresh green pepper is an indispensable ingredient that has been used for centuries in Cambodia to make pepper sauce. But, unfortunately, it is impossible to keep it fresh for a long time, let alone transport it over long distances. That is why FARMEX has created a unique alternative, which allows not only to preserve the bright taste and aroma of fresh berries, but also to make transportation and comfortable storage of the product possible. The revolutionary offer from FARMEX is Kampot green freshly salted peppers.

Freshly salted green pepper - has a bright spicy taste and as if explodes with a fresh intense aroma. Freshly salted berry retains all the beneficial properties of a fresh product.

Kampot green freshly salted pepper is a seasonal product, deliveries are possible only from November to April - the time of picking fresh pepper.


Comfortable storage conditions - at a temperature of 2-4 ° C.

For long-term storage, freezing is recommended.

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