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Kampot pepper is special, refined, fragrant and is considered to be one of the best peppers in the world, it gives a unique taste to any dish. In addition to taste uniqueness, Kampot pepper is a 100% organic product.

Pepper got its name from the southern province of Kampot in Cambodia, the main production facilities for growing pepper are located in separate areas of Kampot province and the included Kep province.

The combination of unique natural factors, such as soil, climatic conditions, the proximity of the sea, as well as growing traditions, create a special taste for Kampot pepper. Porous soils in the vicinity of local mountains and a special mineral composition determine the basis of the taste of the best pepper in the world.

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In 2010, the European indicator PGI (Protected Geographical Indication - Protected Geographical Indicator) was assigned to Campot pepper, and in 2016 - the PDO (Protected Designation of Origin - Protected Designation of Origin).


This is the highest level of world recognition for products, spirits and other agricultural products.

Only a few unique products are assigned PGI status (for example: Roquefort and Parmesan cheeses, Champagne, Kampot pepper).

There are four types of Kampot pepper: green, black, white and red.

The source of all species is a single Piper nigrum plant, which produces different varieties of pepper as a result of special processing and harvest time.

Green pepper is a young fruit that is used fresh, has a delicate aroma and a moderately spicy taste, leaving a special aftertaste.

Green pepper is the basis for the sauce used to prepare Cambodian national dishes. The visiting card of south Cambodia is a blue crab in a sauce with green Kampot pepper.


This fresh pepper is ideal for meat and fish dishes, for seafood and poultry.

Black pepper is obtained when the berry begins to ripen and turns dark green, the pepper is collected and dried in the sun. The collection takes place from late January to May.


Kampot black pepper has a rich spicy taste and has a complex aroma with notes of thyme, eucalyptus and mint.

Suitable for all types of meat dishes, cheeses, soups, salads, as well as fried fish. 

Red and white peppers are the rarest species due to the difficulty of collecting ripe pepper.

These varieties of kampot pepper are most appreciated by gourmets.

Red pepper is a fully ripe red berry on the vine, which is selectively picked and dried in the sun. 

The collection takes place from late January to May. Kampot red pepper combines the sharpness of black pepper and a soft spicy aroma with honey and fruit notes.

Ideal for meat, desserts, alcohol and adding bright accents to any dishes.


White pepper is obtained from yellow and orange berries, which are soaked for several days in water, then peeled and dried in the sun, pepper acquires a light gray almost white tint.


Kampot white pepper is less spicy, has an exquisite taste and delicate aroma with notes of fresh herbs and citrus.

Ideally used for fish and seafood, veal and pork, poultry, salads, omelettes.


Usage tip: Fresh grinding is the best way to reveal all facets of Campotian pepper flavor.

Kampot salted pepper is a green, freshly salted and fermented pepper with a bright, rich and pungent taste.


Depending on the degree of spiciness the peppercorns are harvested from November to January.


Salted peppers are great to add to meat and fish dishes, cheeses, soups, pates, omelet, pasta, salads and sauces, as well as use as a separate snack and even in toasts with jam or with chocolate.

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