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Fresh green peppers are an essential ingredient that has been used for centuries in Cambodia to make pepper sauce. But, unfortunately, it is impossible to keep it fresh for a long time, and even more so to transport it over long distances. That is why FARMEX has created a unique alternative, which allows not only to preserve the bright taste and aroma of fresh berries, but also to make transportation and comfortable storage of the product possible. A revolutionary proposal from FARMEX is Kampot green freshly salted peppers.

Green freshly salted pepper - has a bright spicy taste and explodes with a fresh intense aroma.

Ideal for sauces, meat and fish dishes, seafood, salads, scrambled eggs, pates.


Ingredients: 80% Kampot green peppercorns, 20% salt.


During storage, the pepper gradually darkens without changing its taste. Let's admit salt sediment.

Kampot salted green pepper

  • Vacuum/Cardboard box

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